Spun Out Fire Productions Inc.

Are you having a Party?  Looking for Live Entertainment?


Get the most unique group of Fire Spinners to light up your night. Make your party one to remember. 
Great Idea for Graduation Parties, Family Reunions, Weddings, Outdoor events etc. DJ and Bands also available. The fire toys include but not limited to
Poi, Staff, Eating Fire, Hula Hoop, Double Staff, Spitting and Breating Fire, Rope Dart, Fans and more.


 Spun Out Fire Productions began with Wyld Kyle in 2007, Wyld, the founder of our crew was performing at private parties with DJ friend ill Billy who spun records next to kyle spinning poi until the fire went out, and sometimes until the sun came up; all to entertain the crowd, and keep the energy high. The idea for the name Spun Out Fire Productions was created by Wyld to show and name the amazing combination of the art forms of spinning music and spinning fire, which creates a stunning live visual representation of the sounds we love to dance to. Spinning fire has opened our hearts and minds and has become a sacred practice to all of us. Over the past 5 years Spun Out Fire Productions has grown exponentially into an expansive and multi talented group of performers, with easily over a dozen varieties of fire props, from all over the USA, who all share the same passion for Fire, peace love and music, and entertaining people with our captivating spinning patterns and movements. As of 2011, Spun Out Fire Productions inc. has made its way to becoming an official company, and we are blessed and thrilled to make our passion our livelihood, and continue on our journey in making what we love to do bigger and better all the time. Thank you to everyone in SOFP who has helped us make Spun Out Fire Productions what it is today, you guys are our family and we feel the love every day. <3 Wyld & Bonzai